Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Someone's 3 Months Old

Yesterday Scarlett turned three months old.  It's crazy how different she is already.  She isn't my little squishy newborn any more.  She now grabs things and brings them to her mouth, she is trying to roll, and holds her head up so high.  Here are our pictures from our monthly photo shoot.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Things I Love

Three months have already flown by with my little lady and in that time I have come to love a few things.  Some things I didn't know I would initially love or need but now I can't live without them.  So I thought I should share what have made these first three months go smoothly.

Top of the list, breastfeeding.  I didn't know if I would love this and initially I didn't love it.  Scarlett didn't latch right away after birth and her blood sugar was low.  She had to have about 1oz of formula in the beginning to get her blood sugar to a good level.  The nurses even cup fed it to her as to not have any nipple confusion because she hadn't latched yet.  She was back at her birth weight by day four but painful latching, bloody nipples and a round of mastisis all happened before she was a month old.  I honestly didn't think I would be where we are now.  But we are coming on three months and it is the easiest thing now.

Second thing I love.  My cloth diapers!!!! I was looking into them while I was pregnant and all it took was a quick demo from my friend, Danielle at danielleelwood.com, and I was sold.  Scarlett wore her first cloth diaper on day 5 and it was full time from there.  It couldn't be easier and I love not spending money on disposables.
First cloth - Rumparooz Lil Joey
Next thing I love, babywearing! In the beginning it helped me get things done around the house.  Now I just love not lugging a stroller everywhere we go.  Although I still haven't figured out how to nurse in either of my carriers, it has been great.  I have a Boba wrap and Boba carrier.  Both are great and easy to use.  Next carrier I want is a woven wrap, just going to take sometime to convince the hubby I need one.

In the Boba wrap when she was really new
In our Boba carrier on Memorial Day

All things have made these past few months easy and amazing.  I'm sure I will share more about this in posts to come because they have become a big part of my life now.

So It's Been Awhile

It's been awhile since I posted.  As I found out being a first time Mom is busy and something that needed some time getting used to.  I'm pretty used to my new busy schedule so I think I can start adding writing back on to my plate.  I will catch everyone up on the past few months and will be here more often now.

I'M A MOMMY!! As you probably guessed, unless I was going to be pregnant for 12 months, my baby girl is here.  She showed up 4hrs after her due date at 4:22am on March 18, 2012.  It was the best day of my life and it has just kept getting better.  Scarlett Danni was born at 9lbs 6oz and 22in long.  I call her my peanut but she is far from a little baby.  My labor and delivery was a great experience and I loved every moment of it, but that's another post for another day.

What next....

I had my first Mother's day and it was great.  We spent the day at an outside fair, I had breakfast with my Mom in the morning and I got to take the best bubble bath with my little girl.  Couldn't have ask for a more perfect Mother's day.  Now Scarlett and I are working on Daddy's first Father's day perfect.

Hmmmmm what else happened.....

I went back to work and I don't hate it.  I started back to work seven weeks post postpartum and it's not horrible.  As much as I loved being home with Scarlett, it was time to go back.  I miss my little girl like crazy but it really is a nice break.  I get one uninterrupted meal a day and I get to talk to people that talk back to me.


We celebrated our first wedding anniversary on May 21.  We had a nice quiet night home with the little lady.  We ordered some take out and enjoyed some time together once Scarlett went to bed.  I wasn't ready yet to leave her with anyone else but my hubby and I so no babysitter for us.  We still had a really nice night.

Those are pretty much all the big milestones that happened in the past few months.  So here are a few pictures of those first few months.

Scarlett in the hospital
One month photo shoot by Me
Two months

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I just don't want to share her!

With my due date getting closer I have never wanted to meet my daughter so badly.  But then, I was thinking about it earlier today, that I would really like to hoard her all to myself a little bit more.  I'm uncomfortable, cranky, still working and all around miserable but she can stay still I won't evict her just yet.  The due date is 11 days away now and I keep getting calls, texts, Facebook wall posts, everything asking if the baby is here yet.  Well, she's not here yet and now I kinda just want to keep her in to myself a little longer.

I am an only child and I have to say I have never really been good at sharing.  I wouldn't say I was a spoiled kid and I definitely had manners, but sharing, not one of my strong points.  I commuted to college and still lived home with my Mom because I didn't think at 18 years old it would be a good time to start and try and share a room with a roommate.  I would rather have stayed in my cozy room at home and drive to school and not deal with a roommate or sharing anything with that roommate like food or anything else that comes along with it.  I wouldn't know because I didn't do it!  The first time I had to share a home with someone other than my parents is with my hubby and honestly it has gone perfectly, but sharing with a stranger at school, not my idea of fun. 

So back to the baby and not me being a non sharing only child.  Oh so yeah it is still about me being a non sharing only child.  I DON'T WANT TO SHARE MY DAUGHTER.  I like having her close these last few weeks (as much as I have complained about wanting her out).  I like knowing I can protect her, she is safe in me and we always get to hang out, she goes where ever I go.  So no I don't want her out in the world yet to have to share with everyone else.  Do I want my husband to hold her? Yes, absolutely.  Do I want anyone else to hold her?  Umm...NOPE!  It kinda just hit me this morning.  I want her all to ourselves.  I do not want to share her with anyone, I mean no one at all! 

Any other first time Moms feel like this at the end?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wait....So We Are Having a Baby?!

I don't know what it is or why but it still hasn't totally hit me that we are having a baby.  I obviously get that I'm pregnant, there is no mistaking that now, I'm nine months and I look like a house (well at least I think I do).  Our house is full of baby stuff, the nursery is finished, hospital bags packed and the car seat base is installed in hubby's car; yet at the end of all of this it still hasn't hit me that we bring a baby home and she is ours forever.  I haven't really thought much past labor, past that part when I deliver the baby and we are now parents and have a little life to mold, influence and raise the best way we know how.

I've asked a few of my friends that are already Moms and some of them said that it doesn't really hit you right away, even when the baby is here.  One of my friends said it even took a few months for it to hit her that she now has a child.  I don't even know when or how it is going to hit me, but I can't wrap my head around it still.  I know I'm ready to snuggle and love this baby but actually having her in my hands is still so crazy to think about.

I am ready to be done being pregnant and meet my little one but I'm still not sure what that life after labor entails.  I guess I won't know until the little lady is here.

Friday, February 24, 2012

So My Vagina is Going to be a Bagel??!!

So my vagina is going to be a bagel. Sigh 
     As a first time mom I have been doing as much research as I can about all the different things my body is going through.  I'm a huge researcher when it comes to any aspect of my life, I genuinely like to be informed and know anything I can when it comes to making a decision or doing anything in my life.  So naturally, I have been looking up any information on labor, seeing as that is the next step in this baby making process.  It's almost time for the little lady to be done cooking and I want to know how she comes out.  So begins my research.
     I have been pretty active on the birth boards of a popular online community.  I don't really post a lot over there but I do like to read posts and do some stalking.  That is where I found this lovely graphic demonstration of cervical dilation.  Great, apparently my vagina is going to be the size of a bagel. I will never look at a bagel again the same way! 
     From the beginning of my pregnancy one of the things I did know was that 10cm would be that magic number where a baby is about to pop out. But I am terrible with measuring things, I couldn't eyeball and inch or a foot if you asked me too, just not something I am good at.  Hubby could tell you exactly what 3/16 of an inch is but again not something I can do.  
     When we were at our child-birthing class they gave us a very basic diagram of the sizes of cervical dilation and even that was hard to look at.  It was basically just circles on the page that were drawn to the different centimeters.  I know I want the facts but holy shit my vagina is going to get that big.  Maybe some information I just do not want to know.  So at the childbirth class the diagram totally boggled my mind that I am really going to stretch that big and then this diagram just gave me the chills and now I will never look at a bagel the same way again. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Little About Me

     My name is Stephanie and I am a 26 year old soon to be first time mommy.  I have a great husband, Dan who I have been with since high school.  We have been together over nine years but have been married since May 21, 2012.  We had an amazing wedding, it was a great time!

This picture is of us mushing cake all over each other when we cut the cake.  I had knew from when we started planning the wedding that i wanted to get him good and apparently he had the same idea.
     Dan and I found out we were pregnant soon after we had come home from our honeymoon.  We found out in August 2011 that we were expecting and found out in October that it is a little girl. We both could not be more excited.  We will both be first time parents if you don't count our furbaby Chihuahua, Louie, he was Dan's birthday gift to me back in 2005.  Louie is my our only baby for now.  And if we weren't crazy enough we will be adding another furbaby to our family around the same time the baby is due.  We are adding a German Shepherd puppy, that hubby named Miley, to our family within weeks of the baby being born.  Yes, I know, we are nuts!  We are going from a family of three to a family of five in a few short weeks.  Which will just make this blog that more interesting.  

     I started the blog to really chronicle the adventures I'm sure to face while becoming a new mom.  Those adventures could start any minute now too, as my estimated due date is March 17. We are all very excited to start this new chapter and excited to meet our little lady.  I cannot wait to keep everyone posted with all our new adventures.